Bringing myths to life: The cast of Deus

Posted By Liz Fisher on Thursday, November 6, 2014 |

Rehearsals have begun. This means for the next two months, we’ll be makin’ art with some of Austin’s most creative folks. Jealous? You should be. These thirteen actors are incredible. I know that word gets thrown around a lot these days, but we can prove it. Allow us to show you how unhyperbolic we can be.

  • Funny? Check.
  • Austin theater royalty? Check.
  • Tragic? Check.
  • Critically acclaimed? Check.
  • Bendy? Check.
  • Award winning? Check.
  • Gorgeous? Check.

And now, we can add exceptional visual artists to this list of talents. Since Deus Ex Machina is filled with mythological heroes (and villains) that have captured the imaginations of artists for hundreds of years, we wanted to see how these timeless works of art influenced our cast. Every cast member had 45 seconds to recreate a famous work of art of their character using Microsoft Paint.

Without further ado, meet the cast of Deus.

Cami Alys is….


Lowell Bartholomee is….


Chase Brewer is….


Dany Casey is….

priestess 2Dany Priestess

Katherine Catmull is….


Hildreth England is….

delphi1-500x498High Priestess

Judd Farris is….


Kelly Hasandras is….

priestess 1Kelly Priestess

Jessica Hughes is….

priestess 4Jess Priestess

Rebecca Pearcy is….

Rebecca Pearcy isRebecca Priestess

Matt Radford is….

Matt Radford isAgamemnon

Justin Scalise is….

Justin Scalise isPylades

Robin Grace Thompson is….