Moment of Choice

Posted By Liz Fisher on Thursday, January 8, 2015 |

Audience members have asked when do actors find out what scene they’ll be doing next. This is when we find out, sometimes a few seconds earlier if it’s a landslide.  The one below was a squeaker.

It’s these few seconds in which the rest of the evening for almost everybody in the show is decided.  Monologues drop onto the table, whole characters are shrugged off for the night, blood rigging is moved to another entrance, props are switched to different zones, and dressers sprint to meet their actor in a now entirely different backstage area. All in a matter of seconds.  As the audience hears the winning prophecy spoken by the High Priestess, the cast is more than likely still reacting to the result.

Another curiosity about this video: the audiences of the first three shows have managed to pick three of the unique main tracks the story can take.  As this is written we are waiting for the next Oracle which will decide if we will go four shows with four unique main storylines.  All in the opening week of shows.

(actually written by Lowell Bartholomee, Liz Fisher, and Brooks Naylor)