Deus Easter Egg

Welcome, intrepid code breaker!

You lucky bastard figured out how to tap straight into the power of the gods.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to call down the power of the gods at any point during the play.

GodIcon_ZeusTo invoke the power of Zeus, text “Zeus” to 512.872.4637.

GodIcon_HeraTo invoke the power of Hera, text “Hera” to 512.872.4637.

GodIcon_AthenaTo invoke the power of Athena, text “Athena” to 512.872.4637.

GodIcon_ApolloTo invoke the power of Apollo, text “Apollo” to 512.872.4637.

Watch the ticker by each god icon increase as more texts are sent.

But don’t abuse this power or the gods might smite you.

Happy texting!