The Bros of Mount Olympus

Posted By Brooks Naylor on Friday, November 14, 2014 |

One week into rehearsals for Deus Ex Machina and we’ve already wrapped our second film shoot with our video god Lowell Bartholomee, basked in the glory of a Will Hollis Snider Photography publicity shoot (he sure did make our actors look pretty!!), and got our ecstatic dance on with our lovely Ladies of Choreography, Kelly Hasandras and Robin Grace Thompson. It’s been a busy week.

In the midst all of the work, the Deus team has been discovering what it means to bridge a story that is divided, and one that seeks to bridge old and new worlds. Deus borrows characters first imagined thousands of years ago and throws them into a world dominated by technology that hasn’t yet seen a decade, with poetic language that mimics the meter of Greek tragedies, and then morphs into a Tarantino screenplay.

This got us thinking: how else can we forcefully intrude on the past? We’ve found our answer, friends: Bros.

Bros have existed for millennia, and we here at Deus have found the source, the original spark of douchebaggery that began the evolution of the modern day bro. The bros can trace the origin of their particular species to the Greek gods of old (and new?).

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy.

Apollo: God of Poetry and Being “That Guy” at Parties

bro apollo final


Zeus: God of Talking the Talk, Just Not When Hera’s Around

bro zeus final


Poseidon: God of the Sea and Looking Swole

bro neptune final


Ares: God of the War Zone and the Friend Zone

bro ares final 3


Dionysus: God of Wine and the Drive-Thru Window

bro dionysus final